Details, details

The show will be performed by Dan Slevin every Thursday, Friday & Saturday of the 2010 Fringe until the 27th February.

The venue is The Pit Bar, in front of Wellington’s BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace. The capacity of the wee snug is only 22 so, obviously the availability for the whole season is limited.

The first show (11 Feb) is a Preview, official Opening Night (and Press Night) is Friday 12 Feb.

All shows start at 7.00pm and the duration (we anticipate) will be something between 30 and 35 minutes so you’ll be able to do something else afterwards.

Advanced bookings are available only via the BATS box office. Door sales (where available) will be at The Pit Bar itself.

Ticket prices are between $15 and $12 and the top price includes a glass of house wine or a beer (or a soft drink for the wowsers).

An outside eye for the show is provided by the lovely Geoff Pinfield who directed the smash-hit monologue On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me as Her Young Lover in 2008. So he has a track record with one-man shows.

What else do you need to know? E-mail me with any other questions.

Miracle Pictures presents a Dilletante production

The Immortals by Martin Amis

He was here before the beginning and he’ll still be here after the end.

The Show

head shotEspecially for the 2010 Wellington Fringe, Wellington identity Dan Slevin will perform Martin Amis’ The Immortals for a limited season in The Pit Bar, at the front of Wellington’s BATS Theatre.

It is 2045. Following a nuclear war, the human race faces extinction. The only survivor will be a man with a very interesting story to tell: a story involving the dawn of man; the demise of the dinosaurs; the battle of Agincourt; an elephant named Babalaya and lots of booze.

He swears he is immortal, and that only he knows the truth, but can he really be what he says he is?


In 1988, acclaimed English author Martin Amis published a book of short stories called Einstein’s Monsters. He was very worried about the threat of nuclear war and feared that the increasing Cold War tension would result in the destruction of the entire planet due to unchecked technological development and ideological intransigence.

One of the stories in the book was called “The Immortals” and was a first-person narrative from the point of view of the world’s only Immortal--a character who found himself stranded on planet Earth at the dawn of time, watched interested as intelligent life slowly developed and then watched helplessly as the human population did everything it could to wreck the world it had been given. And he is grumpy about it, quite frankly.

In 1992, Wellington theatrician and Amis-fan, Dan Slevin borrowed Einstein’s Monsters from Wellington Public Library. He immediately (and to be honest, uniquely) saw the potential in the story as a dramatic monologue and pitched the idea to friends and colleagues.

Two years later, for the princely sum of £100, the rights were secured from Mr. Amis’ agent at the time and Dan produced and directed The Immortals for the 1994 Wellington Fringe Festival. Donald Holder played The Immortal and the show was received well-enough to be awarded a Pick of the Fringe prize and an extended season.

While the show has faded from memory, the publicity photograph for that production is still recalled fondly. Taken by Jonathan Brough in the back bar of the Cambridge Tavern, it formed the basis for a publicity flyer that graced a thousand fridges all over Wellington.

Dan has never quite managed to get The Immortals off his mind and always believed that he would revisit it one day. That day is now.

Download the Press Release here (it says much the same as the above only in different words).

You can also download the show poster (with a considerably less compelling central image than the original) in low, high and pdf resolutions.

UPDATE: Here are a couple of images of the curtain call for the show, giving you an idea of the venue and the vibe of the performance.